about kerry

Kerry is a composer and researcher working in both acoustic and computer media. She develops real-time methods for spatialization and stochastic algorithms for musical practice. Her work endeavours to achieve aesthetic and philosophical aims while taking inspiration from mathematical and natural processes. In this way, each work combines art with science and technology from various domains.

Her works have been performed in San Diego, Belfast, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney and Perth. Recent works include a real-time stochastically generated work for computer alone, a bass solo, and a work for clarinet and computer. Current music projects include a piece for saxophone and computer, a work for computer alone, and computer music from large, complex data sets.

As a researcher, Kerry’s interests include real-time algorithmic methods for music composition and sound synthesis, spatialization techniques for 3D sounds and electronic/electroacoustic musicology. Her research has been presented at ICMC, SMC and EMS conferences in Montreal, Berlin, Belfast, Crete, New Jersey, Perth and Texas.

In 2010, Kerry led a group of practitioners to form the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association, where she served as President until 2015.

Currently, Kerry is a Lecturer at the University of Limerick in the Digital Media and Arts Research Centre (formerly CCMCM). She is the Principal Investigator for the Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment (SpADE).